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You're the God of grace and mercy

Giving us a second chance

Jacob was a cheating liar

But still he figured in your plan

Gideon would not believe you

He was worried he might fail

Jonah wouldn't preach your word, Lord

Til he was swallowed by a whale.


So we sing your glory and we -

We sing your praise

You're the God of mercy, you're the -

The God of grace


Martha had to learn to listen

Gazing up into your eyes

Even on the cross, a thief heard

"Today you'll be in Paradise"

Peter said he didn't know you

Three times in a single night

Paul opposed your holy name, Lord

Until he saw a blinding light



Help us Jesus to remember

When our lives are in a mess

There is nothing we can do, Lord

To make you love us any less.

When we're trying hard to serve you

Help us Jesus to be sure

There is nothing we can do, Lord

To make you love us any more


CCLI Song Number: 3510616

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You're The God Of Grace And Mercy

Words and music: Neill A. Burgess & Howard J. Prior

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