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As they crucified the Saviour

He prayed, “Forgive them Father, for

They do not understand what they do.”

When the thief said, “Don’t forget me”,

The Lord replied “Today you’ll be

In paradise, and I’ll be with you.”

And gazing down at John and Mary,

He said “Now she’s your mother; he’s your son.”



Seven words on the cross,

As Christ the King was crucified.

Showing love in his loss,

He won the vict’ry as he died:

May I always hear the message,

May I always know the grace:

Seven words from the Saviour  

As he died there in my place.

(VERSE 2 )

As the land fell into darkness,

The people heard him cry, "My God,

O why have you forsaken me now?"

When he whispered, "I am thirsty";

They soaked a sponge in bitter wine,

They raised it up and he drank it down.

And he has borne our grief and sorrow,

And by his wounded body we are healed.




When he said, "Now it is finished"

He spoke in triumph, not despair:

The prophecies had all come to pass.

Then he called out, "Father, now I

Commit my spirit to your care"

And then the Lord of Life breathed his last.

The soldiers lowered his dead body,

And his disciples laid it in the tomb.



References. The seven "words" (or phrases) are:

v1 = Forgive = Lk 23:34, Paradise =Lk 23:42-43, Mother/son = Jn 19:25-27

v2 = Forsaken = Mt 27:45-46; Mk 15:34, Thirsty = Jn 19:28-30a (cf Ps 69: 3, 21)

v3 = Finished = Jn 19:30b; Commit =Lk 23:46 (cf Mt 27:50, Mk 15:37, Jn 19:30c)

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Seven Words

(As They Crucified The Saviour)

Words and music: Neill A. Burgess

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