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Prophecy on prophecy,

A holy virgin birth.

A child is born, Emmanuel,

God dwells with us on earth.

A ruler out of Bethlehem,

Egyptian exile and

In Galilee the light of God

Is shining on a darkened land.


Wonderful, Mighty, Everlasting

Prince of the Peace that will never end


In the wilderness a voice,

A cry, the way prepared.

A highway in the desert and

Good news for all declared.

In parables the truth revealed,

But who will comprehend?

Behold your King upon a colt,

O let "Hosannas" now ascend!



Surely he has borne our grief

While cursed upon a tree.

They gamble for his garments when

His wounds can set them free.

Now death is swallowed by defeat,

We hear the prophet call:

The law is written in our hearts,

The Spirit poured out on us all.



Like a thief he will return,

The day, the hour unknown.

The elements dissolve in fire,

The lamb upon his throne.

And there shall be no mourning in

The New Jerusalem.

Behold our King is coming soon,

Oh come Lord Jesus, come Amen!



v1: Is 7:14, Mic 5:2, Hos 11:1, Is 9:1,2;

Chorus: Is 9:6,7; v2: Is 40:3-5, Is 61:2, Ps 78:2, Zech 9:9;

v3: Is 53:4, Deut 21:23, Ps 22.18, Is 53:5, Is 25:8, Jer 31:31-33, Joel 2:28

v4: I Thes 5:2, 2 Pet 3:10, Rev 7:17, Rev 21:4, Rev 22:12,20

CCLI Song Number: 3153743

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All Rights Reserved.

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Prophecy on Prophecy

Words and music: Neill A. Burgess & Howard J. Prior

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