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Jesus, by whom we come to God,

the true and living way,

the humble path of prayer you trod,

so teach us, Lord, to pray.

We come to you in reverent fear,

your mind and will to know,

Lord, meet with us as we draw near;

and cause our faith to grow.

(VERSE 2 )

Prayer is the secret battleground

where victories are won;

by prayer the will of God is found

and work for him begun.

Each day prayer is our native air,

and our most vital breath;

we perish if we cease from prayer,

our prayer life, Lord, refresh.

(VERSE 3 )

Grant patience, Lord, to watch and wait,

whatever you may send;

give courage that won’t hesitate

to trust you to the end.

So seeking you with hearts aflame,

and strengthened with all might,

we through the Spirit, in your Name,

shall pray, and pray aright.

Music: ‘Padjer’ (DCM) by Howard J. Prior

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CCLI Song Number for music only (Padjer): 7073870

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Jesus, By Whom We Come To God

Words: Adapted from two hymns by James Montgomery (1771-1854)

Music: ‘Padjer’ by Howard J. Prior

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