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God is light in my darkness,

He is peace in my distress,

He is all my hope when I am in despair,

He is joy for my sorrow,

He is steadfast when I doubt,

He is rest when I am weary and weighed down.



So I will not be afraid,

I will trust in you.

No, I will not be afraid,

You will never fail me,

And I am safe within your loving arms.

(VERSE 2 )

God is strength in my weakness,

He is faithful when I stray,

He is merciful when I transgress his laws.

He is health for my sickness,

He is rich when I am poor,

He is truth when I'm uncertain or confused.



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God Is Light

Words and music: Howard J. Prior

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(Audio sourced with kind permission from an original recording by Kevin Mayhew Limited.)

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