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Father most holy, merciful and tender;

Jesus our Saviour, with the Father reigning;

Life giving Spirit, counsellor and teacher;

Light never waning,

We worship you.


Trinity sacred, unity unshaken;

Deity perfect, gracious and forgiving;

Light of the seeker, helper of the needy,

Hope of the living,

We worship you.


All your creation honours you, its maker,

Showing your glory, telling of your greatness;

Hear us Almighty as we bring before you

Our adoration,

We worship you.


To the all ruling triune God be glory;

One in Three persons, over all exalted;

We too exalt you, giving honour worthy,

Lifting our voices,

We worship you.

CCLI Song Number: 3510788

 ‘Glen Rushen’ and words in this version © Copyright 2000 Three Legged Music Limited

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Father Most Holy

Words: adapted from a translation of the hymn ‘O Pater sancte mitis atque pie’ (c. 10th Century)

Music: ‘Glen Rushen’ by Howard J. Prior

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