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Jesus, name all names above

Jesus, best and dearest;

Jesus fount of perfect love,

Holiest, tenderest, nearest;

Jesus, source of grace unending,

Pardon, peace to me extending;

Jesus, make my heart your throne,

Keep me, seal me, yours alone.


Jesus crowned with thorns for me,

Scourged for my transgression;

Witnessing through agony

This your good confession!

Jesus, clothed in purple raiment,

Making for my sin full payment,

Dying cruelly in great pain,

Let me life eternal gain.


Jesus sacrificial Lamb,

Prince of peace, all-glorious;

Son of God and son of man,

Saviour, King victorious!

You, whose wounds are ever pleading,

Always for me interceding,

Trusting you, let me arise

To a home in Paradise!

CCLI Song Number: 3510908

 ‘Lonan’ and words in this version © Copyright 2000 Three Legged Music Limited

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Jesus, Name All Names Above

Words: adapted from a translation by J.M. Neale (1818-1866) of a hymn by St Theoctistus (c.890)

Music: ‘Lonan’ by Howard J. Prior

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